For the bean counters

I’m an accountant… how does Invoice2go help me do my job?

Because you don’t have to chase your clients for “the other book”, or their missing receipts. They’ll be invoicing and recording expenses on their phone or tablet, then you will be able to log in and view it all from your accountant console. How easy is that?

So how do I view my Client’s information?

You can login to your client’s account and view whatever reports you need. Your client will simply have to add you as their accountant so you have full access to Invoice2go.

Why is Invoice2go good for My Clients?

That’s simple, Invoice2go helps your clients stay organized and on top of their invoicing. Some of our app users came to us when they couldn’t fit any more invoices on their spike, now they’re sending invoices from their phone as they finish each job. No more playing catch up.

Is this an accounting program?

No. This is strictly for invoicing and recording receipts. Your clients will still deliver you the same information (minus the coffee stains) but it will be more concise and with nothing missing. We leave accounting to the experts.

But what if my Client drops their phone in a bucket of paint?

All invoices and receipts are backed up to the cloud so nothing is ever lost. The phone will probably be ruined though.